01 January 2020 @ 11:11 am
all my entries are public anyway because you don't know who i am

My inner 5 year old is a New Yorker with a smoker’s cough and a horrible mouth.

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25 July 2011 @ 12:34 am
didn't post yesterday cause i woke up having gained weight and then went on to not eat very well :|

somehow woke up to 131.6 today legitimately don't know where that came from whatever not complaining

had tart frozen yogurt with fruit and a turkey ciabatta sandwich that normally wouldn't be too great for me but it's pretty much all i ate today so i don't really care

i leave for vacation tomorrow i'm going to my cabin which means i'll have internet but i'll be with my cousin who just got back from studying abroad so no posts nobody even reads this nothing is getting me down she is bringing weed

ugh livejournal is down so i cannot fall asleep reading gay pornographic fiction deeply and personally offended tbh
22 July 2011 @ 11:27 pm
still 132. ok with that.

had a sandwich and fruit for lunch and munched on my mom's leftover chicken salad from baja fresh in the evening. drank a bunch of water which is good.

added another class to my summer session. hoping that doesn't run my potential grades into the ground. but also thinking that may distract me so i'm not just around and eating all day after class. i'll be living in an apartment so i have to cook my own food which i can already tell will help. my supreme laziness always wins out over any urge to eat. whoops.

not feeling like a seriously prolonged entry right now. whatever.
22 July 2011 @ 12:01 am
did not juice fast. although i did have homemade strawberry juice. i also had pastry cookies and a barbecue dinner. but everything at dinner was healthy so i don't mind that. it's the cookies before that i am like :| about. and the peach margarita and glass of wine.

woke up at 132. might not stay cause of today but hopefully. i do already feel different, even if it is only about 5 pounds i've lost this summer. my hips are bonier, i like.

may try to liquid fast tomorrow (officially today whatever) but my mom said she was thinking about taking the day off and we could go out to lunch. hoping if that happens, that's the only meal i eat.
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20 July 2011 @ 11:07 pm
woke up this morning at 132.8 which is, i believe, the lowest i've been all summer. or at least in my recent memory. i would like to be under 130 when i go back for summer school on august 1 which seems easily doable except i'm going to my cabin next week and i feel like i always come back with weight gain. :|

In - coffee with just a bit of baileys (we had no cream or milk), pasta lunch thing (290 calories), plain tart frozen yogurt with a bunch of fruit (more fruit than yogurt tbh but tart isn't even bad for you), orange juice and vodka with a splash of strawberry lemonade (idk like 200? booze is bad for me and i should start mixing my alcohol with 0 calorie drinks), half of a rubio's steak taco (100-150 at the most)

Out - moving around at work, i went for a bike ride yesterday but i assume that did nothing for me today

Total - probably around 800 which idk could be worse

i'm ok with today cause tomorrow i am juice fasting and if i can manage all day and be fine, i'm going to continue it through friday. it's my ultimate goal to be around 120 when i officially start fall quarter in mid-september.

i'm so boring when i talk about weight whatever my journal my rules